GOOD BYE, OLIMPIA (Last Inventory)

(ORIGINAL TITLE: Żegnaj, Olimpio (Ostatnia Inwentaryzacja) )


Performative walk and site specific installation created in a collaboration with Emmilou Rößling and Monica Duncan in the residency in Scena Robocza – Centre of Artistic Residencies in Poznań, Poland

Good Bye, Olimpia is a performative walk through the abandon building of Stara Olimpia – building which has a historical and symbolical value for the citizens of Poznań, but is recently forgotten by the local authorities. It was an old cinema, and former state police building.

In Goodbye, Olimpia, we invite the audience to say goodbye, to see the interiors of Stara Olimpia for one last time, even though they’ll probably still be the same tomorrow. Together we hold onto white lilies and each other’s hands. There is piano music, candles and dances of marble. We have sampled everything from the doormat of the first floor to the last, and we want to give a toast to it all —including the run down heating system and the staircase (still in good working condition). The performance is like an inventory of Olimpia, or like a funeral. We have not changed anything about it and it is not always pretty, but the building is there for the audience and its spaces become the backdrops for their imagination.

Good Bye, Olimpia


6th of October 2017, Scena Robocza, Poznań, Poland


CONCEPT, PERFORMANCE and CHOREOGRAPHY: Emmilou Rößling, Monica Duncan, Romuald Krężel

TEXT: Romuald Krężel

  • 6,8.10.2017 Scena Robocza - Centre of Artistic Residencies, Poznań; 
  • 14.04.2018 Scena Robocza - Centre of Artistic Residencies, Poznań; 
  • 24.06.2018 Malta Festival Poznań